How Should You Prepare for a Banquet Service?


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Whether a person works in the food service industry or is hosting a banquet on their own, they will have to work hard to ensure that a delicious menu is created and that the table is set up properly. A host may choose to work alone or as a part of a team to create a formal yet enjoyable environment for guests.

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  1. Creating a working team and menu
  2. Now is the time to decide whether or not a host will have a team that works alongside them or not. If so, they should find others talented enough to take care of various duties such as cooking, decorating and cleanup, information resource Enlighten Me recommends. If the host can afford to pay a team, they may want to. Next, the team needs to draw up a menu with a number of items that all guests can enjoy.

  3. Getting the space ready for diners
  4. With a menu created, the host and their team must get the space ready for diners. It's imperative that utensils and other silverware are set up in the correct position. Make sure to use fresh tablecloths, napkins and other linens, Food Service Warehouse suggests. Proper lighting and music can also go a long way to make diners feel relaxed and ready to enjoy their meal.

  5. Cleaning up after the meal
  6. Although the bulk of cleaning will take place once dinner and dessert are done, the host and their team should remove used dishes after each course according to Enlighten Me. Dishwashers back in the kitchen can begin cleaning these up or the entire team can wait until after guests leave to begin cleaning duties.

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