How Should You Plan a 25th Wedding Anniversary Party for Your Parents?

You should plan a 25th wedding anniversary party for your parents based upon a theme that celebrates their union and reflects their common passions. Plan the party around their love of casual or formal events, and incorporate a signature twist into it.

If your parents love to travel, choose an exotic, round-the-world theme. If they like to golf, a group golf outing followed by a golf-themed buffet and cocktail party might be more their style. Other themes include beach parties, oldies parties, fiesta (Mexican-themed) parties, and fine wine and cheese parties.

Once you select the theme, book the most appropriate venue for the event first. Then, select invitations that best reflect the theme and event location. Next, choose tasteful decorations, party supplies and rented furniture, if applicable, that tie in the theme of the party. Next, select a sit-down or buffet menu that complements the theme, such as international foods that celebrates your parent's wanderlust or a 20-course buffet that pays homage to their favorite travel destination.

Make your own music CDs to play at the party, or hire a DJ or live band to perform throughout the event. Don't forget to make or purchase party favors that reinforce the theme of the event yet make your guests feel special.