What Should a Man Wear to a 1980s Party?


Menswear in the 1980s ranged from "Miami Vice" to parachute pants and preppy styles. When dressing for a 1980´s party, a man can select from several genres, which may be associated with music genres or TV shows.

The "Miami Vice" look incorporated a white blazer worn over a pastel T-shirt with white slacks. An alternate look was the muscle-style T-shirt matched with white, tan or blue slacks.

Break dancers and hip-hop fans wore nylon parachute pants with a tank top. Fans completed the look with a studded belt, wrapped twice around the waist, boots or sneakers, sunglasses and a leather or nylon jacket.

Preppy attire includes designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers. A button-down shirt paired with khaki slacks, an argyle sweater and tasseled loafers or boat shoes epitomize the expensive and conservative look.