How Should You Invite a Guest Speaker?


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When inviting a guest speaker, it's important to introduce yourself, explain why you are inviting him and what you want him to speak about. Go into detail about why his expertise is important to the topic you are inviting him to speak about.

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A speaker can add value and credibility to an event or class by enhancing the message or material being covered. Speakers can also add value by discussing their unique experiences. Guest speakers are typical additions to workshops, graduations, meetings, seminars and events. Guest speakers are not only qualified in public speaking but are typically hired for these events for one of several reasons, including the desire to educate, motivate, drive change, encourage development or inspire. The guest speaker should understand what his purpose is before the event, so he can plan his speech accordingly.

The cost of having a guest speaker can vary from $0 to $100,000. Many times the cost is predetermined by the speaker, depending on his experience, his credibility in his field of expertise and his schedule. Costs of guest speakers are negotiated before the event.

Famous guest and keynote speakers include Tim Howard, Bill Clinton, Terry Hawkins, Richard Branson, Suze Orman and Donald Trump.

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