What Should Be Included in a Maid of Honor Speech at a Wedding Reception?


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A maid of honor's speech at a wedding reception typically includes an expression of gratitude for being involved in the wedding, a short anecdote about the maid of honor's relationship with the bride, a positive statement about the couple and encouraging advice about their future. The speech traditionally ends with a toast in the couple's honor. A good speech is under two minutes and avoids embarrassing stories or inside jokes about the bride.

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The speech often begins with the maid of honor briefly introducing herself, as not every guest knows who she is or how she knows the bride. However, the maid of honor keeps the focus off herself for the rest of the speech and avoids comparing herself in any fashion with the bride.

The maid of honor typically includes the groom in her speech, even though she may not know him as well as the bride. The maid of honor often does this by referencing how the bride's life changed after meeting the groom. A memorable speech includes specific, positive details about the couple's relationship, while avoiding generic statements about what a perfect couple they are. The maid of honor often incorporates a short quote into her speech as a closing remark.

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