What Should Be Included in a Formal Invitation Sample?


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A formal invitation should include the company logo, names of the hosts and their titles and the invitation phrase itself. After that, writer states information about the type of event, its purpose, the date and the time it is going to happen. A formal invitation also includes the address of the place where the event is going to take place, special instructions for attire and the RSVP information. It may be better to include an RSVP card in the envelope.

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When creating a formal invitation, use the host's full name without honorifics such as "Dr." or "Mr." Write the person's title on the next line. If there are several hosts, list the most senior person's name first. List the names alphabetically at the top of the card if the people are of approximately equal business rank or social rank. Omit honorifics unless they are official titles, such as a military rank.

When creating a formal invitation, it is more appropriate to choose a traditional ink color, such as black. Black is required for very formal invitations. Use a font that is easily readable; script fonts are preferred. Use a plain card, and print the institution's logo at the top of the card. It is correct to word all formal invitations in the third person.

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