What Should Be Included in a Family Reunion Planning Checklist?

Contacting family members to determine who is likely to attend and what dates will work for them, finding and reserving a location, choosing a menu and sending out invitations far enough in advance should all be included in a family reunion planning checklist. What else should be included depends on the size of the gathering and how many people will be organizing the event.

For larger family reunions, dividing up the work to be done is the first step on any planning checklist. Decide who will do each job, from updating the names and addresses of family members and keeping track of RSVPs to setting up at the actual event. The master checklist should include choosing a theme and either ordering food or delegating menu items to family members to bring. Another task on the checklist is coming up with a budget and gathering money for the invitations, food, venue and decorations, and for buying any other necessary supplies, like eating utensils, paper plates and souvenirs. Family reunion souvenirs like T-shirts should be ordered well in advance to be ready by the reunion date. There is no part of pulling off a family reunion too large or too small to be included on a planning checklist, from sending out emails to cleaning up after the event.