What Should Be Included in a Eulogy at a Mother's Funeral?


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Appropriate and sensitive jokes, anecdotes that show the individual's virtues and values and sincere statements that speak from the heart all are appropriate for a mother's eulogy. The eulogy should comfort the living while honoring the dead.

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Eulogies are difficult to write and difficult to hear, but they are important traditions that help the living move forward. While the eulogy may detail some of the mother's life, her beliefs, her goodness or her fabulous adventures, it is important to remember that the eulogy is more for the people listening. The speech must honor the mother who has passed, but keeping the eulogy positive, gentle and sensitive serves as a relief for those who are grieving.

A funeral is a way to honor those who have passed while reminding those left behind to celebrate life, and the eulogy should reflect this in a subtle way. Despite one's potential closeness to the deceased, especially in the case of the mother's child, the speech cannot be about the speaker's grief. Comments about the futility of life, such as "We all die in the end," "It was meant to be" or "God decided it was her time," do nothing to comfort either the speaker or the audience. Attempting to minimize the loss or soften the blow of the mother's passing is also ineffective.

A great eulogy for a mother acknowledges the hole left by the mother's passing while honoring her memory and celebrating the living individuals who remember her.

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