What Should You Include in a Conference Planning Checklist?


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A conference planning checklist includes sections for budgets, guests speakers or instructors, and an order of events. Some other items on the checklist include types of handouts or materials needed, vendor participant invitations and event advertising.

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The checklist section for the budget is a detailed breakdown of what amounts are allotted for each cost needed for the conference. Many times, the budget needs a 10- to 20-percent contingency amount to cover unforeseen costs. Some costs to consider are the venue, decorations, marketing, handouts and payment for special guests.

Another section is related specifically to any special guests or instructors. Once a budget is determined, a list of desired guests is assembled, and each is contacted to try to book for the event. Some items to include in this section are booking the guest, travel accommodations, hotel and food arrangements, vendor table for the guest's materials, and adding the guest's name and credentials to the marketing materials.

A conference checklist also requires an organized list of events, such as lectures, workshops and meal breaks. Another section concerns the handouts provided during the event, with items such as design, approval, printing and assembling the materials. If vendors are present for any part of the conference, a checklist section for that includes confirming vendors, providing a detailed vendor floor plan, and setting up tables and chairs for the vendor area. An important section for the checklist concerns advertising for the event, including commercials, newspaper advertisements, social media campaigns and email blasts.

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