What Should You Include in an Anniversary Poem?


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One thing to include in an anniversary poem is any detail about how the relationship makes you happy. Another thing to include is a specific example of things your partner does that make life better.

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Begin by writing down three positive things that have transpired over the course of the marriage that made an impact on your life, such as buying a home, having children or traveling the world. Each one is listed at the top of separate sheets of paper. For each topic, list several details beneath it, such as growing roses in the yard, staying home to take care of the kids or gifting a special trip to a location on your bucket list.

Using the notes, start creating a structure for the poem. Each one of the three things has a designated verse. Write the specific detail that makes you happy first and then write a few lines after it that relate to the details listed in the notes. Each verse is set apart with a blank space. Remember that the lines do not have to rhyme, but the language should be clear, concise and have a rhythm or flow.

Leave out words with any negative connotations, such as "hate," even if it is meant to illustrate something positive. When giving the poem a title, consider using the number of years you have been together. For example, "Five Beautiful Years" is an appropriate title for a five-year anniversary poem.

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