What Should the Groom Give the Bride?

According to The Plunge, the best gift for a groom to bestow upon his bride on their wedding day is something sentimental, such as a framed photo of the couple, a keepsake box, a family heirloom or a personalized photo album. Jewelry is another good option, especially if the groom inscribes it with a touching message, significant date or the couple's names.

Unlike other momentous occasions, there is not a set of defined rules outlining what a groom should present to his bride. The key is to make sure any gifts are well thought-out and demonstrative of the special bond between the couple.

On any other occasion, red roses make a good gift from a man to woman. However, roses are only acceptable as an accessory gift on a wedding day, never as the main bestowal. The Plunge also recommends that grooms sneak in an additional smaller, more light-hearted gift to their brides to balance the gravity and sentimentality of the wedding. Leading up to the wedding, it is also a good idea for a groom to indulge his bride by sending her on a relaxing spa day or giving her a massage himself at home, along with a lush bath or breakfast in bed. The bride is likely very nervous and stressed out as the big day approaches, so any effort from her groom to show her that he understands the pressure she is under makes a thoughtful gesture.