What Should We Do for Grandma's 90th Birthday?

should-grandma-s-90th-birthday Credit: E+/Kondoros Éva Katalin/Getty Images

Celebrating a 90th birthday party for a close relative such as a grandmother requires paying special attention to the birthday person's physical needs and comfort. A 90th birthday party that focuses on the person's rich, full life is likely to be meaningful for all involved.

Making the guest of honor physically comfortable is key to a successful birthday celebration. A 90-year-old grandmother may be unable to walk far or to sit in uncomfortable chairs. She may have dietary limitations, which should be considered when planning a menu. She may also need to rest frequently or have a limited attention span.

Activities for a grandmother's 90th birthday should focus on her life and relationships with others at the party. Having party goers help to create a family tree, perhaps using old photos, can result in a lasting keepsake that the grandmother will cherish. Letting those at the party share their favorite memories of the birthday lady can be a quiet but meaningful way to spend the time, and someone can record the stories to create a memory book or video to send home. A trivia game that covers the decades of the grandmother's life is also a fun idea and gives the grandmother a chance to show off how much she knows that her grandchildren do not.