What Should You Give a Hairdresser for Christmas?

should-give-hairdresser-christmas Credit: Peathegee Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

For Christmas, it is appropriate to give one's hairdresser an extra holiday tip. An end-of-year gratuity is a welcome gift for a hairdresser at the holidays.

The amount of a holiday tip for a hairdresser varies, and ultimately, the amount is up to the client giving the tip. The Emily Post Institute recommends that the tip equal the cost of one haircut or salon visit; when tipping the staff at a beauty salon, this amount is split up for each member who works with the client. On the other hand, Bonnie Bonadeo, the director of education for the Professional Beauty Association, suggests that an appropriate holiday gratuity for a hairdresser is an extra 5 percent on top of the client's normal tip amount.