What Should I Give for a 6th Anniversary Gift?

Amethyst and turquoise are the traditional sixth-anniversary gemstones, and the colors purple, turquoise and white can be incorporated into gifts. The traditional themes for a sixth anniversary are sugar and iron. The modern alternative is wood.

There are a range of sugar-themed gifts said to be designated for a sixth anniversary. A person can purchase a box of chocolates, designer cookies or personalized candies. A couple can also bake a dessert together or visit a candy store.

Iron gifts, also associated with the sixth anniversary, come in the forms of metal sculptures, cast iron cookware, or iron bookends. Jewelry made from materials such as tungsten or silver, which are similar in color to iron, is an appropriate gift for a wife, and a husband can be given an iron-grey watch. If one or both spouses are golf enthusiasts, iron golf clubs can be gifted.

Like sugar and iron, there are many wood-themed gifts for a sixth anniversary such as a wooden vase, a personalized wood picture frame or artisan wood furniture. A wood chess set or cigar humidor also work as gifts along with romantic wood sculptures or a wooden wall clock with a personalized message. Planting a tree is another way to the honor the wood theme, and the traditional and the modern can be combined by way of an engraved wood box full of chocolate.

Amethyst and turquoise rings, bracelets and earrings are all suitable sixth anniversary gifts, along with any item of clothing or other accessory that is purple, turquoise or white in color.