How Should a Cocktail Party Invitation Be Worded?


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A cocktail party invitation should include the vital information any guest needs to know, including the date and time of the party, the location, any required or suggested dress code and any RSVP requirements. In addition, it is always helpful to include information regarding the occasion for the party or any guests of honor being celebrated. Directions and parking information are among other possible elements to include.

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After the absolutely necessary information about location, date, time and attire are included in the invitation, further factual information as well as fun or interesting lures may make the party sound attractive to potential guests. If the party has a theme or is a celebration of a particular occasion, such as a birthday or engagement, that information should be included on the invitation so guests know what to expect.

It is often helpful to mention the names of any hosts, especially if the party is large or if guests wonder why they were invited. Parking information is also very helpful, especially if parking is costly or difficult at the chosen venue or if the hosts are providing valet or subsidized parking. Guests often want to know whether food will be served. It is best to keep the actual wording of the invitation clean and simple without trying to be overly clever. Including the facts is enough for guests to decide whether they want to attend.

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