When Should Christmas Trees Be Taken Down?

should-christmas-trees-taken-down Credit: Patrick W. Zimmerman/Moment/Getty Images

Three-quarters of people responding to a "Today" survey said they take down their Christmas tree by Jan. 6, the traditional 12th Day of Christmas. Catholics typically leave their trees up until Jan. 7, the day after Epiphany.

The Church of England advocates taking down the tree on Twelfth Night, the night before Epiphany, but controversy exists over whether that day falls on Jan. 5 or Jan. 6.

Traditionally, Christmas trees were not put up and decorated until Christmas Eve and were removed the day after Twelfth Night. To have a tree up before or after these dates historically was considered bad luck.

In modern times, however, it has become customary to set up Christmas trees at the beginning of the Advent season. Some American families put up their trees soon after American Thanksgiving in late November, and Christmas decorations often show up even earlier in stores.