What Should You Buy for a 50th Anniversary?


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A bottle of a favorite wine, gift cards for restaurants, coupons for chores or errands done or tickets for a trip or special event can all be appropriate gifts and can be wrapped with gold paper or ribbon. Because the 50th wedding anniversary is traditionally referred to as the "golden anniversary," gifts incorporating gold, golden topaz or the color gold are appropriate purchases.

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Gifts for a golden anniversary need not be expensive. Gifts that reflect the couple's shared history or tastes are also appropriate. Because the celebrants are middle-aged adults, they may not want or need objects that create extra clutter in the home. A gardening couple might appreciate a gift of violets, the 50th anniversary flower, or gold-colored roses. Good choices of personalized gifts include scrapbooks, quilts, story collections or song collections put together by family members and friends.

A 50th wedding anniversary is a major milestone reflecting love, commitment and hard work. Because of what it represents in the life of a couple, a gag gift is not appropriate. Another inappropriate gift is a surprise anniversary party, as this may conflict with the couple's plans. Also, if a couple specifically requests that no gifts be given, it is best to respect their wishes.

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