How Should a Bridal Shower Card Be Worded?

A bridal shower card that serves as an invitation should be worded in an informative manner that matches the feel of the occasion. A bridal shower greeting card should extend well wishes to the bride-to-be and her groom.

Bridal shower invitations can start with a short phrase like, "We're so happy (guest of honor) has found Mr. Right! Join us as we celebrate her upcoming nuptials." This wording is appropriate if relatives and friends of the bride are hosting the shower. If the bride-to-be's parents are holding the celebration for her, the beginning of the invitation can read something like, "The parents of (bride-to-be) are pleased to invite you to her bridal shower." The rest of the invitation should include the location of the shower, the time the event will take place and the full date of the bridal shower. The invitation also should include RSVP contact information.

For a bridal greeting card to be given to the bride at the shower, the message should be brief and congratulatory in nature. It should mention her name and the name of the groom, as well as best wishes for the couple to have a long and happy life together. This card often accompanies the shower gift.