What Should I Get My Boyfriend for Our One-Year Anniversary?

The traditional gift for a one-year anniversary is an item related to paper or made of paper. However, the modern tradition for one-year anniversary gift is a clock or clock related. Although these gifts are usually traditions for married couples, the practice is not exclusive to those bound by marriage.

There are many options that fall within the theme of paper. Items, such as gift cards, baskets, speciality letterhead, unique stamps and framed photographs, follow this theme. Other options include art work, origami displays or tickets for a romantic trip.

The theme of clocks includes watches, wall clocks, inscribed pendulums, grandfather clocks and office clock accessories.

For those who don't wish to keep with tradition, an adventurous evening out, cases of craft beer or items that support hobbies or favorite sports teams are popular options.

The practice of giving gifts for anniversaries began in Central Europe during the Middle Ages. As part of German customs, friends sent couples a silver wreath after 25 years of marriage and a gold wreath after 50 years of marriage. The most wildly accepted gift themes and years are silver on the 25th anniversary, gold on the 50th anniversary and diamonds on the 75th anniversary.