What Should a Birthday Speech Contain?

should-birthday-speech-contain Credit: Cultura/Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images

A birthday speech is a mixture of lighthearted, humorous and touching information about the individual celebrating the birthday. This combination keeps the mood light and happy while also expressing friendship and caring.

Researching who is attending the birthday is the first step in crafting a great birthday speech. This reduces the risk of telling inappropriate stories or inside jokes that some guests don’t understand. It’s never a bad idea to ask the birthday boy or girl what they do or do not want mentioned in front of the crowd. Involving the birthday person is also great because it ensures they are the focus of the speech because guests are there to celebrate them. One common mistake is telling the story of meeting the birthday person, but according to Sparknotes, “tell the story of how you met only if it’s funny or particularly typical of the person.” That way, everyone enjoys the story and understands the joke. Lastly, a speech is fun, but format is important. A long speech with no flow is boring, so it’s best to keep it short, get to the point and ensure it has an introduction, body and conclusion. Keeping with that format ensures the speech remains on track and guests don’t become bored.