What Should You Know Before Renting a Kids' Party Bus?


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Before renting a kids' party bus it's important to be aware of the actual condition of the bus as well as whether it has features such as proper heating and safety equipment. It's also vital to know if the proprietor has proper insurance.

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When renting a party bus for an event such as a prom or graduation, do as much research as possible about the bus rental company and the bus itself to avoid wasting money. For example, even if the company posts several pictures of the bus on its website, users should inspect the bus in person to make sure that the company is not using outdated pictures that no longer represent the real condition of the bus. During the inspection, the owner should answer questions, including whether the bus has basic features such as heating and air conditioning. A lack of either of these facilities during extreme weather can ruin the entire experience for the kids at the party.

The bus' proprietor should also have the proper insurance coverage in case the bus gets into an accident. If he doesn't have up-to-date coverage, or only provides coverage for the driver, any incidents could lead to extensive medical and legal bills.

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