What Are Some Short Maid of Honor Speeches?

short-maid-honor-speeches Credit: Tetra Images - Yuri Arcurs/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Short maid of honor speeches are available on the Speeches page of MaidOfHonorAdvice.com, as of June 2015. Speeches are listed according to the maid of honor's relationship to the bride.

Visitors to the MaidOfHonorAdvice.com home page can click on Speeches to view all the sample speeches. The speech categories include big sister, little sister, family member, good friend who is finally getting married and general speeches.

Maid of honor speeches should be sentimental, funny or both. The speech can be divided into a beginning, middle and end. The speech should last five to seven minutes at most.

The beginning is an introduction. The maid of honor states her relationship to the bride, since there are most likely some people at the wedding who don't know her. If she has known the bride for a long time, she can mention that. She can tell a quick story, such as how she met the bride or her experience as the maid of honor.

The middle of the speech is the most flexible portion. The maid of honor can tell a story, such as the proposal or another important part of the couple's relationship. She could also describe how the bride and groom complement each other.

To end the speech, the maid of honor wishes the couple well and then toasts them.