What Are the Seven Days After Valentines Day?

The seven days directly following Valentine's Day are: Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and Break-up Day, which occur Feb. 15 through 21, respectively, according to the Happy Valentine's Day website. The meanings behind these days are open to self interpretation.

The meanings and observances of these days can vary, such as using Slap Day to "slap ties" to a former lover rather than actually slapping a person on Feb. 15. Kick Day may refer to kicking off one's shoes to relax. Confession Day can be used to confess love or to confess transgressions against a partner. Missing Day might refer to longing for a beloved one to be present, which leads to a feeling of missing that person. Another example is that Break-up Day could represent the symbolic day in which two people end a relationship.

The seven days prior to Valentine's Day are signified with more positive titles. These Valentine's Week days emphasize giving gifts to a loved one in the days directly preceding Valentine's Day. They are: Rose Day, Feb. 7; Propose Day, Feb. 8; Chocolate Day, Feb. 9; Teddy Day, Feb. 10; Promise Day, Feb. 11; Kiss Day, Feb. 12; and Hug Day, Feb. 13.