How Do You Set up a Table Display Stand?


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To set up a table display stand, first choose the theme or message of your display, whether it is for information or retail. Next, choose the style of display you want, such as a panel system, pop-up display or briefcase display. Each type of display unfolds and locks in place to sit on a flat surface. Open and lock the display, add any graphics, merchandise and marketing materials needed, and finish by adding extras such as lighting or decor.

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When choosing a theme or message, consider how the display helps potential costumers make the choice to purchase or participate in your business. Some messages to consider are answers to frequent questions, product information or quality assurance. Consider the amount of space you have to create a theme or message, as well. If it is small, consider marketing materials, such as brochures or product cards.

A panel display is a few panels joined together with hinges, which is good for a table that requires large information panels. A pop-up display is collapsible because of hidden tubes or compartments where the display parts retreat when folded. Some have trays held up by retractable metal arms for displaying merchandise. A briefcase display is a large briefcase-like container that holds everything needed for the table when opened.

Use the graphics designed to create a display space that functions for your business. Once the display is opened and the merchandise or informational materials are set up, add the additional table materials, such as a business card holder, lighting for merchandise, jewelry trees for any hanging materials, or any additional trays or merchandise. Finish the decor of the table by using table decor that complements the color themes and doesn't hinder the display.

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