What Are Some Sentimental Gift Ideas?

Sentimental gift ideas involve gifts and acts that are extra thoughtful. Sentimental gifts include homemade items, gifts that reflect an inside joke or past memory, or a gift that took extra effort to obtain.

Sentimental gifts are unique, outside-the-box ways to show gratitude or give as presents. Less expensive, these gifts are more budget-friendly than traditional gifting.

An example of a sentimental gift is a baby's framed handprint, or footprint, for a keepsake. Another example of a sentimental gift is a handwritten letter or a homemade card, detailing love and appreciation for another person. Framed pictures, or photo books, are always great gifts that have sentimental value and can be cherished for many years.

Jewelry is seen as a generic gift that lacks thought; an engraved piece of jewelry, or custom jewelry, can hold sentimental value. Buying for a mother, for example, could include the purchase of a necklace bearing her child's name.

A final example of a gift with sentimental value is to gift someone with an experience, such as a massage or a dinner at her favorite restaurant. An adventure, such as a day exploring a town or nearby city, is another example of an impressionable experience. The memory of a thoughtful experience lasts through the years.