How Do You Send a Singing Telegram?

How Do You Send a Singing Telegram? and are two companies that offer singing telegrams nationwide. GigMasters is a company that connects people hosting events to vendors that provide services, such as musicians, DJs and photographers. You can also use GigMasters to locate and hire singing telegram performers. American Singing Telegrams is a company that specializes in live or over-the-phone singing telegrams.

To hire a singing telegram, navigate to, type "singing telegram" in the search box and enter your location. The next page will provide you with a list of options from which to choose. Alternatively, go to, and fill out the order form. You will then need to call the number provided to pay for your singing telegram.

The first singing telegram was delivered by Western Union in 1933. Since telegrams were often used to convey bad news, the director of Western Union thought that a singing telegram could help change people's perceptions. Western Union stopped offering singing telegrams in 1974, but independent companies continue to provide the service today.

The artist delivering a singing telegram is often dressed in a costume. On the possible costumes vary from celebrity impersonators to animal costumes. If the singing telegram is delivered over the phone instead of in person, you can choose to have the song sung in different genres, including pop or jazz.