How Do You Send a Happy Birthday Message?

How Do You Send a Happy Birthday Message?

How Do You Send a Happy Birthday Message?

To send a happy birthday message, you can use the phone, email or postcards. Some other methods include creating a photo gallery, sending flowers, ordering a favorite song on the radio or setting up a gift treasure hunt. The message needs to be as personal and unique as possible.

  1. Contact via phone, email or postcards

    One of the easiest and most traditional ways to send a happy birthday message is to call, email or send a postcard to the person. Personalize your message, and say something that expresses your love and appreciation for that person.

  2. Create a photo gallery

    Gather some old photos, and create a photo gallery. Do this using a computer or a real photo album. Write under each photo a funny remark about that specific day. This is a very emotional and personal way to send a happy birthday message.

  3. Fill the room with flowers

    Filling the room with flowers for a woman's birthday is another good idea. Nothing sends a better message of love than flowers.

  4. Use music to send a happy birthday message

    Sometimes words are just not enough to express love. Order a favorite and romantic song on the radio for that special someone. Make sure the radio is on, and choose the radio show you know he or she loves to listen to.

  5. Make a gift treasure hunt

    Create a gift treasure hunt. Use a phone to send messages with clues. Each clue should contain a short birthday wish. All the clues can lead to a romantic dinner.