How Do You Select a Catering Service for a Small Party?

To select the right catering service for a small party, consider the cost, discuss the type of services to be offered, verify experience and know the rules at the event site. It is important to start researching catering services several months before the event to book the desired company.

To make a small party memorable, hire the services of a catering provider by following the steps below.
  1. Make a list of service providers
  2. For leads on finding the most suitable catering services for a small party, ask friends or relatives to give recommendations. Research can also be done using the help of online resources such as review websites. Make a list of the most reputable service providers and consider the following factors before settling on any.

  3. Make contact and compare costs
  4. Contact the service providers and give information regarding the size of the party and the types of food to be served. Let the service providers give quotes, and then make comparisons between them. Narrow down the list to service providers that are affordable without compromising on the quality of the menu items.

  5. Verify experience
  6. Review each service provider's track record and make sure it has enough experience to handle the type of party in question. To be certain, ask the providers to give a number of references through which more information can be acquired.

  7. Choose a rule-compliant provider
  8. Learn the rules of the event site to help in selecting the most appropriate catering service provider. Choose a provider that is most likely with comply to the rules.