What Are Some Scary Pumpkin Patterns?


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Some scary pumpkin patterns include the Tyrannosaurus Rex pattern, the Bride of Frankenstein pattern, a bendy ghost template and the scary cat pumpkin pattern. As of 2016, these patterns are all available online.

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The Tyrannosaurus Rex pattern first became available in 2015. It is a pattern inspired from the movie, "Jurassic Park." This is a pattern designed for people who already have skill in creating scary pumpkin faces. At ZombiePumpkins.com, carvers can create accounts to download the pattern.

The Bride of Frankenstein pattern for pumpkins dates from 2012. It is a fairly difficult pattern and requires someone who is a veteran at carving pumpkins to complete. The pattern features the bride from the movie with the same name. The pattern is available at ZombiePumpkins.com.

A bendy ghost template is a pattern that is relatively easy to master even for people who are new to the art of carving pumpkins. This template takes up almost the entire front of the pumpkin. It is downloadable from SouthernLiving.com.

A scary cat pumpkin pattern features a skinny cat with its back up and its fur standing on end. The cat's eyes are slanted so that they glow menacingly with a fire behind them. The cat makes its way across a branch or telephone wire. There is a link to download a PDF of the pattern on SouthernLIving.com.

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