What Are Some Scary Pumpkin Carving Ideas?

Martha Stewart's blackened pumpkins and snake pumpkins are two scary pumpkin carving ideas. The blackened pumpkins reverse the color scheme of traditional jack-o'-lanterns for a spooky effect, while the easy snake pumpkins use rubber snakes woven through simple jack-o'-lantern designs for a haunting twist.

To make blackened pumpkins, cut a 4-inch round hole in the bottom of a pumpkin, scrape out the flesh, and wrap masking tape around the stem. Coat the pumpkin with black floral spray, and then let it dry for 30 minutes before removing the tape. Tape a traditional face template to the pumpkin, and then use a needle tool or awl to outline the shape. Cut out the shape with a miniature carving saw, touching up the pumpkin with the floral spray as you go if necessary.

For an orange-gold glow effect, place a small battery-powered light inside through the bottom hole. Alternatively, for a more muted glow, attach waxed paper behind the face with straight pins before adding the light.

Snake pumpkins require larger faces to accommodate toy rubber snakes. Use a drywall keyhole saw to cut an opening at the bottom of the pumpkins, and clean inside. Using a serrated knife, cut large eyes and mouth openings with a serrated knife. To complete the look, weave the snakes through the eyes and mouths of the pumpkins, or wrap the snakes around the stems.