What Is a Scary Legend Associated With Halloween?


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A scary legend associated with Halloween revolves around the jack-o-lantern. The custom of making jack-o-lanterns on Halloween lies in the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, who tricked the Devil numerous times, eventually leading to Jack's banning from heaven and hell.

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The first time Jack tricked the Devil, he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin to pay for their drinks. He placed the Devil coin in his pocket near a silver cross where the Devil could not return to his natural form. Jack released him under the conditions that he did not take Jack's soul if he perished, and the Devil agreed to leave him alone for a year.

After the year passed, Jack convinced the Devil to climb a tree to get a piece of fruit. Jack then trapped the Devil in the tree by carving a cross into the trunk. Jack let the Devil come down when he promised not to bother Jack for 10 more years.

When Jack died, God did not let him into heaven, and the Devil did not claim Jack's soul. The Devil sent Jack into the abyss with only a lit coal to guide him. Jack made a lantern with the coal and a turnip, hence the name jack-o-lantern.

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