What Are Some Scary Halloween Decorations for Outside?


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Scary Halloween decorations for outside include glowing eyes in the bushes and a hanging ghost made of packing tape. For the glowing eyes, cut two eye shapes out of a paper-towel roll. Insert a glow stick into the roll, and tape it so that it sits directly behind the cutouts.

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To make the packing-tape ghost, you need about three rolls of clear packing tape and a mannequin or dress form to mold the body outline. With the sticky side facing outwards, wrap the tape around the torso of your form and hang long vertical strips of it from the end of the torso. Add a second layer of tape with the sticky side touching the exposed sticky side of the first layer. Add a third layer of tape with the sticky side facing inwards to create more definition. Hang the ghost from a tree, and use a small spotlight to illuminate it.

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