What Do You Say in a Thank You Note to a Teacher?

say-thank-teacher Credit: Thomas Tolstrup/Taxi/Getty Images

A thank you note from a student to a teacher should be heartfelt, thoughtful and personalized and include specific examples of how the teacher impacted the student's life. It is important to make the letter detailed but brief. The letter may be relatively informal, depending on the student's relationship with the teacher.

When writing a thank you letter to a teacher, it is important for a student to include exactly why he appreciates the teacher. For example, the teacher may have a relaxed demeanor that helps the student learn because he feels comfortable asking questions or the teacher may be very good at explaining concepts so the student has a good understanding of the course materials. After explaining why he appreciates the teacher, the student should state specific examples of how the teacher has impacted his life. For instance, if the student's chemistry teacher finally helped him understand chemistry, he might state: "Your teaching style and relaxed classroom atmosphere really helped me feel comfortable asking questions. Thanks to you, I finally understand chemistry. Now that I am entering college and studying nursing, this knowledge will help me immensely." A student may close the letter by thanking the teacher for her support and encouragement.