What Do You Say in a Sympathy Thank You Note?


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Thank-you notes for sympathizers convey messages of appreciation with a sincere, personal tone. They consist of a few sentences that express gratitude to the people who sent condolences, flowers and donations.

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A great introduction to any thank-you note shows appreciation. It should begin with phrases similar to "Thank you for your expression of sympathy..." or "We appreciate your prayers and thoughts..." Thank-you notes also acknowledge the generosity and consideration of sympathizers who sent flowers or donated money. The writer may mention what he intends to do with the goods and money he received, such as donating them to the charity that the deceased supported in life. Thank-you notes don't have to exceed more than three sentences.

The bereaved should send thank-you notes to close friends and people who have sent personal sympathy cards, and have given flowers and contributions. Pallbearers, eulogists and other people who helped in the funeral customarily receive thank-you notes in return. In addition to friends who asked not to receive any acknowledgement, the bereaved does not customarily have to send written thank-you notes to people who sent pre-printed cards without personal messages, online sympathy cards and emails.

Although a handwritten note is preferable, a printed thank-you card with a personal message is also appreciated. If the bereaved remains emotionally unable to writing thank-you notes, another person close to the deceased can do it for them.

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