How Do You Save Money on a Wedding?


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Easy ways to save money on a wedding include inviting fewer people, scheduling the service during an off-season time of year when venues tend to be less expensive and shortening the planning time to take advantage of last-minute deals. Instead of using an expensive banquet hall for the reception, try making reservations at a chic restaurant in a fun or off-beat part of town.

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Another way to save on wedding expenses is to use the services of friends and family for part of the wedding, such as wedding invites or DJ services, suggests Martha Stewart Weddings. Send an email to friends and family asking if anyone has expertise or knowledge in certain areas that correspond to needs for the wedding. See who's willing to offer their services during the planning stages or on the day of the wedding, depending on what's necessary.

Money can also be saved on a wedding by having a friend or relative officiate the service instead of a clergy member. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, Universal Life Church and Esoteric Interfaith Church are two organizations that ordain laypeople so that they can officiate at weddings. Most states recognize this type of ordainment, but rules do vary in a few states, so before committing a loved one to do this, check the specific state's rules.

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