What Is Santa Claus Called in Germany?

santa-claus-called-germany Credit: Getty Images Europe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In Germany, Santa Claus is referred to as "Weihnachtsmann" and the literal English translation of that name is "Christmas Man." Christmas in Germany is celebrated in a similar way to Christmas in the United States, except Santa Claus visits on Christmas Eve as opposed to Christmas Day.

The legend of Saint Nicholas is very much the same in Germany, as he is known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, a Greek Christian bishop. The original Saint Nicholas provided gifts to children in poverty, and he was later used as the source of inspiration for the legend of Santa Claus. In Germany, Weihnachtsmann visits on Christmas Eve bearing gifts. Christmas preparations in Germany begin early, and this is known as Advent. The use of the advent calendar is very popular in Germany during the holidays.

On Christmas morning in Germany, an angel visits bearing gifts. This is known as the Christkind, or Christ Child. Christmas presents are given out on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and some children are told it is Weihnachtsmann, and some are told that it is the Christ Kind. Christmas celebrations in Germany typically last with different social gatherings and functions until the start of the New Year. Sternsinger is another popular tradition where singers go from house to house, similar to caroling.