What Are Some Samples of Retirement Letter Greeting Words?


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A greeting card for a retiring coworker may include best wishes such as, "It's time to look forward to all the things you've always wanted to do" and "May all your retirement dreams come true," according to DGreetings. These phrases are generally positive and may be seen in pre-printed or digital cards.

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When putting together a greeting card, coworkers can also write something heartfelt inside. A heartfelt message can offer best wishes and congratulations or make a humorous joke, according to Brandon Gaille.

  • "Best wishes for an awesome retirement. Keep working hard, but be your own boss."
  • "Don't worry about having enough money to retire. You only need a lot of money if you plan on living a long time."
  • "I am glad you finally retired. Now I can have your job."
  • "If you found happiness of fulfillment while in the work force, then it's likely you'll do the same now that even more possibilities are open to you."
  • "Congratulations on your retirement! If you get bored, you know you can call us and hang out with us."
  • "To stay balanced in life, work like you're retired and retire like it's your job. We'll miss you. You were one of a kind, and not easily replaced. Congratulations on your retirement."
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