What Are Some Samples of Death in the Family Announcements?

Announcements of deaths in the family typically express sadness over bearing the news, provide brief details on the time and manner of the deceased passing away, and provide information concerning any services intended to mourn his passing. Such announcements may optionally include information on how surviving relatives are handling the death.

The first sentence of a death in the family announcement speaks on behalf of either the individual or the family and expresses sadness that this person has passed away. A family may express sorrow to be the bearers of sad news.

The announcement includes when and how the deceased passed away. Announcements are typically short, so this section should concentrate on essential details. For example, an announcement might note that someone died Sunday following complications from a recent heart surgery. The writer may also acknowledge whether the deceased had been suffering for a previous length of time.

Finally, the death in the family announcement includes any specific information about the funeral and any other services. This section specifies any family wishes about the services, such as whether donations should be made to a cause the deceased believed in rather than mourners sending flowers. Optionally, this section may include further information about the deceased.