What Does a Sample of Notes of Appreciation Look Like?

What Does a Sample of Notes of Appreciation Look Like?

Notes of appreciation include phrases such as, "We are forever grateful that you shared our wedding day with us," and "Thank you ever so much for the thoughtful present. I will treasure the gift forever." Another expression of gratitude is, "I will be forever in your debt for your help."

Common words used in a sample of appreciation notes are honor, noble, thankful, delighted and grateful. Obliged, inspired and touched are also appropriate.

Writers should consider the recipient when writing a note of thanks to communicate gratitude in a personal and deep way. A note of thanks to an employee, for instance, may include specific examples of the employee's hard work and dedication to the company.

Appreciation notes directed toward a friend, on the other hand, can be written with a casual tone. A good message for a friend is, "I'm so honored that you invited us over for dinner on Thursday, but I'm even more honored to have you as my best friend."

An appreciation note to a teacher, parent, or authority figure should express respect as well as gratitude. For example, "Dad, you are the man that every young boy dreams of becoming, the parent that every child dreams of having, and a friend that everyone wishes they had. Thank you."