When Was Saint Paul Born?


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Saint Paul was born in Tarsus in about 2 CE. Most of what is known about Paul comes from a number of books and letters contained in the New Testament.

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When Was Saint Paul Born?
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Saint Paul was a Jewish man, born into the Israelite tribe of Benjamin. He was trained to be a Pharisee at a school in Jerusalem.

In 33 CE, Paul (then called Saul) was travelling to Damascus, where he was to search out believers of Jesus. If those believers were found to attend a Synagogue and claim a belief in "the Way" (early Christianity), Paul was to arrest them and take them to Jerusalem for trial.

On the road into Damascus, Paul saw a burst of light so bright that it caused him to fall off his horse. He heard the voice of Jesus, who asked why Paul was persecuting the church. The event left Paul blind. Upon reaching Damascus, Paul repented and was healed and baptized, becoming one of the most important people in the New Testament.

In spreading the Gospel, Paul visited over 20 cities, from Jerusalem and his birthplace of Tarsus, to Athens and Rome. Paul was martyred in Rome in 68 CE.

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