What Are Some Safety Tips for Trick-Or-Treating?

What Are Some Safety Tips for Trick-Or-Treating?

Trick-or-treating safety tips include going with a group, wearing a safe costume, staying visible, and going to a safe, familiar neighborhood. Practicing walking safety such as staying on the sidewalk, walking against traffic, and looking both ways before crossing is also important.

Young children need a trusted adult to accompany them trick-or-treating. If older children go without an adult, they should stick with a group to increase safety. Setting a curfew or having older children check in periodically helps the parents keep track of them.

Costumes should be flame-resistant in case any part comes in contact with a candle or flame. Safe costumes don't drag on the ground or otherwise cause tripping hazards. The child should be able to see well while wearing the costume. Soft, flexible props are best, as they reduce the risk of injury if the child falls. Sturdy comfortable shoes protect the feet while walking through the neighborhood.

Visibility is essential as the sun starts to set. Light costumes, reflective tape and a flashlight or other light source help drivers see trick-or-treaters. Well-lit streets are also safer when trick-or-treating on foot.

The weather is another consideration. In some areas, Halloween is chilly and requires warm clothing underneath or on top of costumes. In warm areas, choose breathable costumes to keep the child cool.