What Are Some Romantic Wedding Vows?

What Are Some Romantic Wedding Vows?

Some romantic wedding vows include "Jevan to Alithea" and "Amy and Russell to One Another." Similar romantic wedding vows that offer companionship and lifelong support to the future spouse are "Laine and Shane to One Another" and "Kristin and Josh to One Another."

In "Jevan to Alithea," Jevan promises to love and care for his bride. He vows honesty, patience and a forgiving spirit. One unique thing that Jevan vows to his bride is to try and appear on time throughout the marriage. He closes by promising loyalty and friendship.

In "Amy and Russell to One Another," the speaker compliments his future spouse as his lover and teacher. The speaker describes his future spouse as his counterpart and accomplice. The speaker promises love, honor, respect and encouragement. The spouse ensures his loyalty to his future spouse "through sorrow and success."

"Laine and Shane to One Another" is a wedding vow that promises love and friendship. This wedding vow mentions future parenting and that the speaker intends to partner with his spouse as a parent. The speaker pledges to act as both a student and as a teacher for his future spouse. He promises to console his spouse through disappointment. He pledges himself as his future spouse's comrade, accomplice and greatest fan.

"Kristin and Josh to One Another" is a wedding vow that offers belief in the future spouse. The speaker says that she accepts and acknowledges her partner's strengths as well as his weaknesses, offering faithfulness and support. She promises loyalty through both failure and triumph, throughout life.