What Are Some Romantic Birthday Surprise Ideas?


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A romantic birthday surprise could be many different things, such as taking a partner out to the restaurant where the two first met, or preparing a partner's favorite dessert at home with rose petals laying on the bed. Another great surprise gift would be to find out what the partner wanted when they were a child and never received, so it would be a nostalgic sentimental gift.

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Yet another great romantic birthday surprise is to write down the feelings one partner has for the other partner in a personalized notebook and give this notebook as a touching gift. Buying a pair of tickets to a partner's favorite band or event can also be a great romantic gift. Find out when the band will be in town and buy the tickets in advance for a true surprise.

A great romantic birthday surprise for men is to dress up in lingerie. Men are visual by nature and dressing up in lingerie is a visual cue that they love, states Redbook magazine. Men also love surprises by nature, so changing up the routine can really be refreshing and romantic. Try scheduling something that he can't miss like a dinner with the parents, and then take him out for something unusual and romantic.

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