What Role Does the Festivus Pole Play in a Festivus Celebration?


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During Festivus, a holiday originally invented by the father of "Seinfeld" script writer Dan O'Keefe, the Festivus Pole is the centerpiece of the celebration. This plain aluminum pole is meant to contrast the ostentatiously decorated trees used to celebrate Christmas.

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Festivus first came to public attention in a Season 9 "Seinfeld" episode entitled "The Strike." In the plot, the character Frank Costanza explains that he created the holiday in order to protest the commercialism of the winter holiday season. Costanza chose the pole for its basic simplicity, and because he found traditional Christmas tree decorations distracting. The pole can come from a variety of sources, such as an old lamp pole or a curtain rod. It is also possible to buy a Festivus pole. It is essential that the pole not be decorated, and at the conclusion of the holiday, it should be stored in a crawl space. O'Keefe stated that the pole was not part of his father's original idea, but the "Seinfeld" writers added it to the story.

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