What Is the Role of Anniversary Messages?

The role of an anniversary message is to acknowledge the time that has passed since a significant event and to remember the values and emotions associated with that event. Anniversary messages are usually written, often in a card, to mark a wedding anniversary or the anniversary of the passing of a loved one.

Wedding anniversary messages passed between a married couple confirm their love and commitment to each other as another year passes since they made their marriage vows. Messages sent from friends or relatives to a married couple congratulate the couple on the continued strength of their union and demonstrate how this is valued within the family or the community in which they live. The messages may recall beautiful memories of a wedding day; they may also remind the couple of their blessings and of the deep love that keeps their relationship strong year after year.

Anniversary messages marking the number of years since the passing of a loved one serve to remind those closest to the deceased that the person who has died isn't forgotten. They are also a written reminder to the person who is grieving that the burden of her loss has not been forgotten and that she continues to be remembered in the thoughts and prayers of the writer.