What Retailers Offer Online Gift Cards?

What Retailers Offer Online Gift Cards?

Retailers that offer online gift cards include Toys“R”Us, Starbucks and the Apple Store. Depending on the website, gift cards could be an actual card mailed to a recipient, or an electronic card sent by email that can be printed out.

Toys“R”Us offers three types of gift cards. One is a standard gift card that comes in a variety of designs suitable for boys and girls of various ages. The buyer selects the design, the amount and whether to add a greeting card.

The electronic gift card also comes in assorted designs and is delivered by email. It may be used online or printed out and used at a store. Another option is to upload a photo that is used to create a personalized gift card that is delivered in a customized greeting card.

Starbucks offers online gift cards with designs for birthdays, weddings, new babies, romance wishes and thank you messages. The buyer picks a card design, adds a message and cash amount, then emails the card. The recipient prints it off and spends the money at the coffee shop or shops online.

The Apple Store offers both Apple Store and iTunes gift cards. The store cards are either sent by regular mail or emailed to the recipient and may be used in the stores or online. The iTunes cards are mailed out and may be used online for purchasing music, movies, apps and on the iBooks Store.