How Do You Rent a Horse-Drawn Carriage for a Wedding?

To rent a horse-drawn carriage, contact a local horse carriage company that is within a reasonable distance of the event, and submit a contract proposal online or over the phone with the event details, including locations, approximate hours and the type of horse carriage. Once the reservation has been accepted by the provider, finalize the booking with a payment. Some companies require only a partial deposit at the time of securing the reservation date.

Online resources such as provide website links to various horse carriage rental companies throughout the country. Contracting a rental company close to the event can mitigate costs, as many companies charge fees related to the overall distance the horses need to travel; this additional charge is often calculated separately from the actual event costs.

Horses are able to pull the carriages at a speed of approximately 3 to 4 miles per hour, according to If the event requires long commutes or adhering to a stringent schedule, having additional transportation arrangements ensures smooth transitions between venues. Common uses of horse-drawn carriages for wedding events include providing transportation to and from the ceremony, taking the newlyweds to the reception or hotel, quick rides around the event or photograph opportunities.

Rental companies typically feature the traditional Vis a Vis carriage for wedding ceremonies and special occasions. Some companies offer a "Cinderella Carriage" that is usually spherical, modeling the popular Disney movie's design, and features light fixtures that illuminate the carriage during night events. Horse-drawn carriages typically accommodate up to eight adult passengers.