What Are Some Questions for a Bridal Shower Game?


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Good questions for a bridal shower game include, "Who was your most memorable crush before you met 'the one?'" "How many dates did you have before you knew you'd get married?" and "Who's getting married next?" These questions can be asked of the shower attendees, and they can take turns guessing the bride's answers. The person who gets the greatest number of right answers wins a prize.

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It is traditional in many cultures to play games at a bridal shower. The types of games played depend largely on the ages of the attendees, the location of the party and how well the people in the group know each other. Games that require a lot of movement are best reserved for showers that are held in backyards, community rooms or other large, wide-open spaces. Other games, such as guessing answers to certain questions or variations on bingo, can be played in small spaces, including apartments. When planning bridal shower games, it is best to check-in with the bride-to-be and make sure that she is interested in doing such activities at her shower. Playing games can be a lot of fun, especially in large groups, but some brides may prefer a more laid-back, quiet celebration.

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