What Are Some Questions to Ask a Future Spouse?


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Crucial questions to be discussed with a future spouse center on subjects such as sex, faithfulness within marriage, money, chores and children. Prospective spouses should ask one another questions about these vital issues before getting married to determine whether they are truly compatible. If prospective spouses are unable to agree or compromise, marriage may have to wait.

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The ability to talk about any sexual issues or preferences is crucial for any successful couple. If a future spouse is unable to do so, premarital counseling is in order. Prospective spouses also should discuss how they feel about faithfulness within marriage and define what constitutes cheating.

While every couple handles money differently, prospective spouses should ensure they agree on how they plan to make, spend and save money, as money issues fuel many arguments between couples. Prospective spouses also should agree in advance on how to delegate household chores. They can decide on a mutual division of labor or choose to hire someone to help with the chores, but should address the issue in advance to prevent resentment in case either spouse ends up dissatisfied with a role.

Future spouses should agree as to whether they want children. This question should not be left until after the wedding, as it is not fair to force a spouse either to have or to forgo children.

Opinions about these matters are often "deal-breakers" if spouses cannot agree.

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