How Do You Put a Ribbon on a Christmas Tree?

To put a ribbon on a Christmas tree, apply the ribbon before anything else on the tree, and cut or style it so that it fits adequately. Lastly, tuck the ribbon into the tree to make room for the rest of the decorations, and give it some flourish.

With a number of ribbon options to choose from, the possibilities are endless when creating a stunning Christmas tree display each year.

  1. Put the ribbon on first
  2. To make the job easier, apply the ribbon to the real or artificial tree before adding lights, garland or ornaments. This makes any adjustments that are needed much simpler to perform without accidentally bumping into an old ornament and risking breakage.
  3. Fold or snip long ends
  4. Once the ribbon is set into place, it may drag past the tree to the floor. In that case, fold the ribbon back and secure it, trim excess ribbon or even make a bundle of excess ribbon ends by tying them together.
  5. Tuck the ribbon in
  6. The ribbon no longer drags to the bottom of the tree or beyond, but it may just hang over the tree lifelessly. Tuck it in with some flair and make room for ornaments, garland and other decorations.
  7. Decorate the rest of the tree
  8. Now that the ribbon is taken care of, feel free to decorate the rest of the tree. A monochrome decorative theme can blend in with a white or silver ribbon or allow a red one to shine. Of course, a ribbon will make traditional ornaments and keepsakes look better as well.